Sugar Cane Trailer (Infielder) – TMS - 5000

Salient Features

  • Independent Hydraulic System
  • User Friendly Operation
  • Carbon Steel Hardened Pins & Bushes are provided for Extra Long Life.
  • Heavy Duty Rear Axle with Heavy Duty Wheel Disc
  • Spherical Bearings for maintaining perfect alignment
  • Sturdy & Elegant construction with Standard High Grade Steel
  • Safe & Stable at full load capacity
  • Designed for Indian field / Terrain condition


 Load Capacity5 tons
 Volume11 m3
AGauge1900mm(6.2 Feet)
BLoading Height3118mm(10.2 Feet)
CTilting Pin Hight4196mm(13.7 Feet)
DOverflow (DUMP) Height4052mm(13.2 Feet)
ETotal Length4682mm(15.3 Feet)
FTyre to Tyre Center dist.4200mm(13.7 Feet)
GTractor Turning Angle35°
 Tyre Measurements16.9-28